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The TYAN JBOD is the core foundation for an Enterprise-Class, high performance, scalable and reliable 3.5" and 2.5" HDD & SSD storage solution.

TYAN's SAS JBOD support Industry Standard SGPIO (Serial General Purpose Input / Output) , which is utilized to provide the hard drives health & enclosure real-time information via the mini-SAS HD connection cable to the HBA (host Bus Adapter) or RAID card without additional serial cable. Based on the powerful performance, TYAN JBOD can efficiently meet demands for intensive data access applications, virtualization and Windows Server 2012 installation, and video edition related applications.

ImagesJBOD ModelTypeHDD
J3250T70W12HR-U82U Rackmount(12) 3.5" SAS 12G/SATA 6G HDDs