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TYAN Chassis Kits

TYAN offers a wide range of enclosures compatible with various server and workstation motherboards that offer outstanding reliability, flexibility and scalability in a cost-effective package. These server enclosures present an outstanding value to system integrators, OEM/ODM manufacturers, and channel partners alike. Our high quality server chassis feature:

-          1U/2U rackmount chassis compatible with TYAN industry standard form factor server boards

-          High-efficiency power supply modules (80-PLUS standard or above)

-          Efficient cooling fan controls

-          Optimal storage capacity

ImagesChassis ModelChassis TypeMB Form FactorPower Supply
KGT24M1-050GV4HF31U500W 80+Gold
KGT24M2-050GV4HF61U500W 80+Gold
KGT24M1-045GV4HRF31U(1+1) 450W 80+ Gold
KGT24M2-045GV4HRF61U(1+1) 450W 80+ Gold
KGT62AM1-050GV10HF31U500W 80+gold
KGT62AM2-045GV10HRF61U(1+1)450W 80+Gold
KGT62AM1-045GV10HRF31U(1+1)450W 80+Gold