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DP Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3/v4 (Haswell-EP / Broadwell-EP) Product Family Based Server Motherboards 
TYAN's dual socket Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3/v4 (Haswell-EP / Broadwell-EP) Product Family based (Haswell-EP / Broadwell-EP) motherboards are designed for high performance and reliability, targeting servers, workstations, and embedded applications. Based on our 20+ years of experience designing dual processor motherboards, we offer a variety of models for high-density, virtualization, HPC, and GPU. The LGA2011 (Socket R3) boards, based on Intel’s C600 series chipsets, support Haswell-EP / Broadwell-EP processors and feature 4-channel DDR4 support, 2 high speed QPI links, and a wealth of other integrated features tailored for a broad range of applications.
ImagesStandard ModelCPU MfrSocket TypeChipset# SocketsForm Factor
S7070WGM2NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI EEB
S7070A2NR-BIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI EEB
S7070WA2NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI EEB
S7070GM2NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI EEB
S7070A2NR-M2IntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI EEB
S7076GM2NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2EATX
S7076GM2NREIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2EATX
S7077GM2NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI CEB
S7077AG2NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI CEB
S7086GM3NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2EATX
S7086GM3NREIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2EATX
S7082GM2NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI EEB
S7082GM4NRIntelSocket LGA2011Intel® C612 Chipset2SSI EEB