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OpenPower Power8 Server Barebones
TYAN's OpenPOWER Customer Reference System is based on IBM® POWER8™ Architecture and follows the OpenPOWER Foundation's design concept which allows end users to deploy software based on the OpenPOWER architecture tailored to their individual requirements. It provides another opportunity for users to run their applications in a way of cost effective and flexible way. It is an innovative and collaborative hardware solution for IT experts who are looking for a more open, flexible, customized, and intelligent IT deployment.
ImagesBarebone ModelCPU TypeSocket TypeChipset # SocketsRackmount
BSP012G75V4H-B4C Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers11
BSP012G75V4H-Q4T Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers11
BSP012G75V4H-Q4F Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers11
BSP012T71V14HR-4T-3 Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers12
BSP012T71V14HR-4T-4 Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers12
BSP012T71V14HR-4T-5 Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers12
BP016T76V12HR-LE Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers22
BP016T76V12HR Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers22
BP016T76V4HR-HE Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers22
BP016T76V12HR-SL Power8PEX8748 + IBM Centaur Memory Buffers22