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  Benefits and Applications
TYAN Trinity 400 is a quality, high performance single processor system platform.  It boasts a high level of flexibility, offering PPGA-370 Celeron AND Intel Slot 1 Pentium II / III microprocessor support .  Designed around the new VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset, the Trinity 400 delivers all of the features of the Intel BX chipset, plus 4x AGP, 133 Mhz FSB and UDMA/66.  With  full 133 Mhz bus support, this board is primed for supporting future processors and faster memory.

The Trinity 400 supports SPD SDRAM memory. The board's PCI Local Bus and 32-bit AGP bus provide high performance capabilities that are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications such as: CAD, CAM, CAE, real-time 3D, and simulations.

This integrated system board achieves the highest reliability and is based on a double row ATX form factor. Some of the features included are: on-board dual channel PCI IDE, on-board floppy controller, on-board high speed I/O, Universal Serial Bus, on-board PS/2 mouse connector, and optional on-board Creative Labs sound (available only in
S1854A models).

Flexibility and expandibility have been designed into the Trinity 400. With I/O and drive controller support built on-board, the Trinity 400 allows many upgrade paths not found on other boards.. With three 168-pin DIMM sockets, the Trinity 400 can provide a very flexible memory configuration of up to 768MB of PC100/133 SDRAM.

Trinity 400 (S1854)

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