Tyan Tempest HX S7100 (S7100GM2NR) - Overview

(Item pictured represents S7100GM2NR only.)

TYAN Tempest HX S7100

Dual-socket server/workstation motherboard

  • 12" x 13" SSI EEB Form Factor
  • Dual socket Xeon Scalable Processor Family
  • (12) DIMM slots supporting up to 1.5TB DDR4 RAM
  • (4) PCIe x16 slots with support for 4 GPU cards
  • (3) PCIe x8 slots
  • (14) SATA ports
  • (2) NVMe M.2 ports
  • Optional 7.1 Channel HD Audio
  • Optional AST2500 BMC with IPMI 2.0 and Redfish

Tyan Tempest HX S7100 (S7100GM2NR)

Tyan Tempest HX S7100 (S7100GM2NR)
SKU Graphics Audio IPMI UPC code
S7100GM2NR (Server) Yes - Yes 635872043239
S7100AG2NR (Workstation) Yes Yes - 635872043246
S7100AGM2NR-EX (Embedded) Yes Yes Yes 635872046209

TYAN Tempest HX S7100 Dual-socket server/workstation motherboard

The Tempest HX S7100 motherboard is designed to be an ideal platform for both GPU workstations and general purpose server applications.

As a workstation motherboard, the S7100 features onboard audio and allows the use of 4 GPU cards. This enables maximum performance in technical computing workloads such as Engineering Analysis, 3D Design, Photorealistic Rendering, Image Manipulation, Media & Entertainment Creation, and Energy Exploration. With much of modern high performance workstation applications featuring support for VGA offloading and all four PCIe x16 slots being a full electrical x16 link, Tyan's Tempest HX S7100 is one of the most powerful workstation motherboards on the market today.

The Tempest HX S7100 is also a versatile platform for many server applications. With a total of 7 PCIe slots, it lends itself well to many high I/O applications such as Video Walls, Large Scale Video Capture, Surveillance, Industrial Automation, and general purpose server workloads. The board design also lends itself to offering support for true full length 12.3" PCIe cards.

Key Features

Xeon Scalable Processor Family

The new Xeon Scalable Processor is Intel's largest advancement in a decade and brings many new features and capabilities:
  • Up to 28 CPU cores per socket
  • 50% Increased memory bandwidth with 6 memory channels per socket
  • Memory speeds up to DDR4-2667 (depending on CPU SKU)
  • No slowdown in memory speed when deploying 2 DIMMs per channel
  • Increased PCIe connectivity to 48 PCIe Gen3.0 lanes per CPU socket
  • Optional Integrated Intel Omni-Path Architecture Host Fabric Interface
  • Native support for up to 14 SATA ports
  • New Ultra Path Interconnect
  • New Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512)

7 PCIe slots

Tyan's Tempest HX S7100 motherboards offers maximum expansion within a standard 12" x 13" SSI EEB form factor:
  • (4) PCIe Gen 3.0 x16 (2 slots from CPU0; 2 slots from CPU1)
  • (3) PCIe Gen 3.0 x8 (1 slot from CPU0; 2 slots from CPU1)
These PCIe slots are full bandwidth and do not use any PCIe switches or MUX devices. A balanced approach was taken to system I/O, and both CPUs have an even amount of x16 slots.

205W CPU Support

The Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family features processors with a maximum TDP of up to 205W. With this in mind, the VRM of the s7100 motherboard has been designed to power the most demanding of the Xeon SP lineup.

Optional HD Audio

Powered by an optional Realtek ALC892, the s7100 workstation motherboard offers 7.1 Channel HD Audio via internal header and on-board optical S/PDIF output.

4 GPU Support

Paired with a workstation or 3U chassis, the s7100 supports the use of four double-wide GPU cards. This makes it an excellent choice for GPU powered workstations and servers which offload much of the computational workload to powerful VGA cards and GPU accelerators.

Dual Port SATA DOM and NVMe M.2

The s7100 provides multiple options for compact boot drive support in space constrained server chassis, including a pair of NVMe M.2 and another pair of SATA DOM ports with Pin-8 power support.

IPMI 2.0 with Redfish Support

Featuring AMI Megarac firmware, the s7100 motherboard offers support for IPMI 2.0 with iKVM and the DMTF Redfish management protocol

Target Applications

  • GPU Workstations
  • Industrial Automation
  • Video Walls
  • Large Scale Video Capture
  • General Purpose Server Applications
  • Full Length 12.3" PCIe card deployment