Pan-European Warranty


Changes to TYAN’s Warranty Policy in Pan-European Countries.


1. TYAN will offer two kinds of Warranty Service in Pan-European Countries. Customers will have either TYAN Standard Warranty Service or TYAN Advanced Swap Service available to them depending on the product that was purchased. Advanced Swap Service is only available for Pan-European Customers who have purchased products directly from TYAN.


2. Authorized Distributors and Resellers of TYAN hardware may have their own warranty policies which may expand upon what is offered by TYAN. Customers who have purchased from an Authorized Distributors or Resellers instead of directly from TYAN are encouraged to check the warranty terms offered by their reseller as they may be different from what is outlined below.


3. TYAN products are covered by TYAN's Advanced Swap Service for a period of three years from the date of purchase when purchased directly from TYAN. The definition of TYAN's Advanced Swap Service: Customers contact TYAN for warranty service and TYAN will send a free replacement to the customer in advance of the customer returning the defective product back to TYAN. A cross shipment is required if the replacement product is immediately available. Customers must return the defective product to TYAN within 30 calendar days of receipt of the replacement product. There will be a charge placed on the replacement to customers if customers fail to return the defective products within 30 calendar days of the receipt of the replacement or if the defective product is damaged by improper installation, accident, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, insufficient or excessive electrical supply, abnormal mechanical and environmental conditions after TYAN’s recertification. This includes any and all damaged caused to the CPU socket pins.


4. To obtain Warranty RMA Service, customers would need to return the defective product to their original point of purchase or the TYAN authorized distributor/dealers from whom they purchased the TYAN products. TYAN's Standard Warranty Service and Advanced Swap Service are only applicable to those customers who purchased the product directly from TYAN. If customers are unable to return the product to their original point of purchase or to the authorized TYAN distributors/dealers, they may return the products directly to the TYAN Service Center where the warranty or RMA service will be available with extra charges. Customers must to cover the shipping cost when returning the defected product. Customers must contact TYAN to obtain an RMA number prior to obtaining any RMA service.


5. Customers can now optionally upgrade their TYAN Standard Warranty Service to TYAN Advanced Swap Service. Please contact a local TYAN sales representative for service upgrading.