Success Stories - Supercomputer

The fastest Supercomputer in China:
S4982 4-Socket Opteron Server Platforms


Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Shanghai Supercomputer Center (SSC), and Dawning Information Industry (DII) have signed an agreement to construct "Shanghai Super Computer Center" with RMD$200,000,000 budget. This Shanghai Super Computer Center is expected in December, 2008. It is built up by ICT, SSC and DII together and equips 1,920 pieces of server motherboard from TYAN. For this project, TYAN developed and manufactured 4-Way Server motherboard – S4982 with AMD quad-core microprocessor. It has 230TFlop/s computing performance, and will become the fastest and biggest Super Computer Center in China. Also, with these Super Computers, the center will be ranked in TOP 10 of the world again.

Dawning leading and Tyan support

"Shanghai Super Computer Center" is one of important projects in "National Project - 863". This project is executed by Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Shanghai Supercomputer Center (SSC), and Dawning Information Industry (DII) together. From evaluation, planning, deploying, software services and so on, Dawning is leading this project from beginning to the end. And, it is expecting to be online in December, 2008. According to computing ability, system stability, and routine requests in "Shanghai Super computer Center", Dawning developed and designed a Super Computer - "Dawning 5000A" by itself. Also, Dawning and TYAN cooperated with system integration and construction together. In "Dawning 5000A", it equipped TYAN's S4982, 4-Way Server motherboard with low power consumption CPU – AMD Opteron 8300 Series (Model: 8347HE). In "Shanghai Super computer Center", it composed of 1,920 computing notes, at least 30,000 CPU cores, 100TB memory, and 700TB Disk capacity. For operating system, it configured as Linux, and WHS 2008 systems, performance reaching to 230 TFlop/s floating-point computing. And Linpack performance is predicting to utilize over 70% of computing ability.

"Dawning 5000A" is designed by Dawning with very high computing ability, high density, high Cost and Performance value, Low power consumption and various application ability. It approved China's capability on hardware and software of super computing.

Super Shanghai – TYAN Wanted

The newly developed Dawning 5000A system promotes computing performance, dimension and power saving advantage. Comparing to Dawning 4000A, Dawning 5000A provides 20 times of performance ability with same dimension, and 50% less of power consumption. Through "National Project - 863", Chinese Government is constructing resource sharing architectures of hardware and software in "Shanghai Super computer Center". Because of high computing ability, it will become the biggest and fastest computing platform to fulfill complicated sciences computing and increase ability of sciences research in China.

Vice President of Dawning – Mr. Nie Hua mentioned Dawning has Software and Hardware deploy ability to win Super Computing customers' trust and help Dawning to become a leading brand company in High Performance Computer market. With outstanding planning ability, Dawning has won "Shanghai Super computer Center" contract two times in a row and helps "Shanghai Super computer Center" to reach TOP 10 Super Computers in the world. In these two experiences with "Shanghai Super computer Center", Dawning has chosen TYAN as server motherboard design and manufacturing partner. It is because of TYAN's reliable and high quality of design capability and products. Also, TYAN provides trustful support to back up Dawning as a leading company in Super Computer field.

The S4982 offers the very best in 4P motherboard technology. Built for high-end server applications, the S4982 supports four AMD Opteron 8000 series processors (dual core and quad-core), and includes a number of integrated features such as dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 2.0, and support for two PCI Express x8 for IOE and Infiniband interface. Other features include SATA2/3G with RAID, and much more, all in an 10.8" x 16" form factor.