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File Name:
FT48B-B7100_v103 (12.3M)
File Date:
2018 / 07 / 26

-1. Modify SPS SMLINK0 IPMB address to 0x20.
-2. Update Intel CPU uCode patch for Meltdown and Spectre. M9750653_01000144 Intel(R) SkyLake Processor B-1 Stepping MB750654_0200004D Intel(R) SkyLake Processor H-0, M-0, U-0 Stepping
-3. Added health sensors states for Intel DCM function.
-4. Added RAS-Report warning message and SEL while CPU be changed.
-5. Added RAS-Report warning message and SEL while DIMM be changed.
-6. Added new smart fan control feature in BIOS setup.
-7. Fixed remove PSU that SDR status incorrect issue.
-8. Added 64GB DIMM info report to BMC system inventory.
-9. Added primary external VGA decode under 4G.
-10. Added CPU IOU BIOS setup item PCIE slot help string.
-11. Added Tyan smbios linux application support.
File Name:
FT48B-B7100_v102 (12.3M)
File Date:
2018 / 03 / 06

- 1.CPU IIO PCIE hot-plug set to enabled default.
- 2.Remove Memory RAS Partol scrub interleave and address setup items.
- 3.Modify setup string "onboard Device" to "Onboard Device".
- 4.Add two items in IIO configuration: and
- 5.Add CPU IIO De-Emphasis setup items and setting -3.5db default.
- 6.Fixed to use ODM “change logo” function when setup item load default then BMC logo enable issue.
- 7.AST2500 VBIOS v1.06.00 update.
- 8.Add CPU PCIE IIO setup x4x4x4x4 item.
- 9.Support TYAN P2111 + M2110 riser card.
-10.Add SNC setup item in UPI general configuration page.
-11.Fixed HPET device not visible to OS or Windows Device Manager.
-12.Fixed PSU power meter SDR reading issue.
-13.Add "Erase-Arm NVDIMMs" ,"Restore NVDIMMs" and "Interleave NVDIMMs" setup item in Memory Configuration page.
-14.Support S7100AGM2NR-EX SKU (S7100GM2NR + Audio) in S7100GM2NR and FT48B-B7100 BIOS.
-15.IO Port 0xB3 value isn't clear after boot into UEFI Shell.
-16.x8 slot bifurcation can support x4/x4 by set item.
-17.Update Intel(R) SkyLake Processor H-0, M-0, U-0 Stepping microcode to MB750654_02000043.
-18.Update Intel(R) SkyLake Processor B-1 Stepping microcode to M9750653_01000140.
File Name:
FT48B-B7100_v101 (12.3M)
File Date:
2017 / 11 / 15

- 1.Update MB750654 H-0 Stepping ucode to 02000035.
- 2.Update SPS to
- 3.Modify After G3 function to "Last States" default.
- 4.Fixed string error in "Intel Virtual RAID on CPU" setup page.
- 5.Fixed BMC share LAN get info slowly issue.
- 6.Update Intel VROC uefi driver to
- 7.Disable SPS SDR unused event notifying.
- 8.Update setup "Active Video" items.
- 9.Fixed when enable VMD then NVME boot option that show garbage string.
- 10.Remove BIOS and BMC sync timestamp sel log event.
- 11.Fixed when debug code A2 the post screen layout issue.
- 12.Fixed clear tpm prompt string "F12" lost in setup post stage.
- 13.Fixed BIOS hang 0x92 if VMD port enabled in M.2.
- 14.Clear the bottom line of the screen when show 800x600 logo.
- 15.Fix PSU setup item hidden issue.
- 16.Fixed BIOS post SATA info string overlap status code string issue.
- 17.Fixed when BMC FRU data and SMBIOS data changed than BMC FRU flag can not be updated issue.
- 18.Modify Setup keyboard number lock item to off default.
- 19.Add when PSU disabled then BMC SDR setup item show "Disabled".
- 20.Add when BIOS disabled NVDIMM restore by reset then disabled BMC hook reset button.
- 21.Info BMC to translate Intel reference status code.
- 22.Modify SATA and sSATA RAID option ROM post UI delay to 4 seconds.
- 23.Display memory configured speed in POST screen.
File Name:
FT48B-B7100_v100 (7.14M)
File Date:
2017 / 07 / 05

- FT48B-B7100 BIOS initialized


File Name:
FT48B-B7100-BMC_v400 (24.6M)
File Date:
2018 / 04 / 23

- Set ip return err code
File Name:
FT48B-B7100-BMC_v300 (24.6M)
File Date:
2018 / 03 / 26

- Update to Redfish V1.0 module
- Disable NULL User and default null user password change
- Hide Html5 vmedia function
- Add PSU Info Temp , Pout , FAN
- flash BIOS force ME recovery
- Add DCMI Get Power reading for Watt
- Implement HTML5 KVM.
- Implement NVDIMM function.
- Change web timeout to 900s.
- Change HTML5 & Java naming.
File Name:
FT48B-B7100-BMC_v100 (22.4M)
File Date:
2017 / 07 / 10

- First Released

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